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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ukimpenda, Hutampiga Utamkumbatia na Kumbusu

Bado tunaendelea kulaani vitendo vya wanaume au wanawake kudundana kwenye ndoa kama suluhisho la kutatua matatizo au migogoro inapojitokeza ndani ya ndoa.
Unaweza kusoma shairi hili hapa chini na kupata ujumbe.
Asante Born again pagan kwa shairi lako.
My Memory Shoe Pinches With Indelible Hurts!
©Born Again Pagan -
New York, 2008

Recovery happens
But this one is delayed
If not arrested;
Basic confidence lacking
Mirage competence
Invisible connection
Vacuous caring spirit
Arid character
Anger mismanaging brewer
Or just selfish motives,
Jealousy progenitor!

When scale-weighed,
Leaves much to be desired:
Vivid is the picture
My Rata (Father) laid a stick
On my Mai (Mother)
On three occasions
When still a tender-age boy;
Recovery has not come about
From that traumatic memories
My dear Mai suffering
Due to my dear Rata’s battering!

My memory a shadoof
Tears still irrigates my cheeks,
Like the waters of the mighty Nile
Over Egyptian dry Sahara Desert,
To pinch my conscience
Never to any woman!

The three incidents
My Rata battered my Mai,
Mine has become stunted growth
Under nutrient deficient
Forcing a reverse gear
Back to the future;
Give me the necessary nutrients
Of growth out of this back to future!

Empower my mind fragility
To totally forget it
When my younger brother,
Older sister and I woke up
To witness our so battered Mai
And asked why our beloved Mai
Had black marks on her eyes!
Emwe muchali okwera ameso!
(You are too young to comprehend
The reality of life!)
Mai consoled us;
My sister doubted!

Was it plausible,
My unconvinced sister inquired,
On a retreat to go
Three tender siblings
Nyumbani kwa mjomba
(To the home of Mai’s brother)
Away from our Rata?
Mbenawe emisango ejijokubha kisi;
Nichali nemwe anhu
(But things will be okay;
For here with you I am)
Mai consoled us again!

In her arms our Mai held
My younger brother,
Who promised Mai
That he would bite Rata
The next moment Rata
Laid a blow to Mai!

Empower me to forget
That vulnerability and scare,
Which tied the essence of survival
To our Mai by following her
All days long,
Like little ducklings at a pond
Of hostility and insecurity!

Into a bitter enemy
Rata had turned
Forcing parental abandonment
Of the non-aligned position
Always upheld
During cold war moments
Between Rata and Mai;
Into an open hostility
The social environment so turned!

My Mai,
To all chores you attended
With anchored determination
And forgiving resilience,
Without remorse,
Without compunction,
Without complaints,
Without holiday,
Without weekends
For the brood’s sake!

A new pair of fitting shoes
Who will buy me
For my memory shoe pinches?
A knee-wounded soldier,
My walking is but a limp
Awesomely long trudging distance
This life-journey to cover out there
In this world without end!

From my past bruised
And hurt memories,
Who will liberate me
And eradicate my scars
That crap the style
Of my philistine streets
Of my mega city,
The center of life control
Of this human body machine?

Who will volunteer
To come out to street clean
With the brooms
Of forgiveness
Of forgetfulness
On behalf of my dear Rata
So departed and resting
In their permanent dwellings?
Who will sieve out
Of my haunted spirit
All the wrought about
Three-incident dirties
When Rata inflicted beatings
On my Mai;
Who will fill the emptiness
Of my heart
With repentance
Of never again?

Who will sharpen
That pair of scissors
To cut the ribbon
Of love re-conquered
Between a husband and wife,
As partners in life?

None but you all,
Bha rata na bha mai bhone
(All men and women)
Of my beloved Earth!
So your gumption gather
For Rata and Mai
A pair of sharp scissors to remain
And cut the ribbon
Of love re-conquered
And live where domestic violence
Is never blissfully condoned
In our one world;
Different cultures!

Bha mai na bha rata bh'Echaro
(Earthly women and men all),
Give me napkins of forgiveness;
Give me napkins of forgetfulness
To wipe off the last tear-drop
Now trickling and drenching
The keyboard of this computer!

Rata wani,
(My dad),
In your new permanent residence,
Vindicated you are of any wrongs
Then rifting you to
Kicks and fists;
Mai wani,
(My mom),
Accept repentance
On behalf of your husband,
Rata wani!

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