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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Parents

It has come to our attention that the strange things we hear and see through the media are happening right under our nose. (Lesbianism, Sodomy, Incest etc).

A couple was blessed with two intelligent girls; the girls were happy and performed well in school. The parents adored them very much that they never allowed them to mingle with other teenagers in the neighborhood and even in church. They moved with them everywhere and while at home the girls spend most of their time in their rooms, the parents assumed they were studying and felt happy that their kids were disciplined. One night they were woken up with a loud scream from one of the girl's bedroom, they rushed into the room only to find their daughter lying in a pool of blood, they moved closer only to see something stuck between her legs (vagina), it was a test tube, the younger girl stood there naked with no words to explain, they tried to pull it out, it broke they rushed her to the hospital but too bad, she died on arrival due to over bleeding.

When her younger sis was asked, she said with an innocent voice “we always do it at home because we see other girls do it in school, so we thought its right coz no one has ever spoken to us about it". Since she could not stand the pain of loosing her beloved sis through what she thought was right, she went back home and hanged herself in her room. The parents lost their lovely daughters out of ignorance........what is your role in bringing up your children?

Another story is told of a couple that loved their three sons very much, the two elder sons had extraordinary love for their younger brother, but their parents never suspected what all that love was until one day they noticed their younger son was wetting her pants all the time until the teachers got concerned. The boy could not say a word when asked about it but after much persuasion, the little boy said "its because Steve and Tim fuck my anus every day when they come home after school" (Steve & Tim being his two elder brothers). When they were asked they said they were treated the same when they joined high school so they decided to try it on their kid bro to feel the experience and it became and addiction which they couldn’t help and had no one to open up to..............! Do you create time to talk to your children and listen to them as a parent?

Last but not least, a couple got married and each had kids from their previous relationships. The man had two sons while the woman had two girls and they agreed not to have more but to raise the ones they had.

The woman became to0 possessive of her girls and did not allow them to interact with their step brothers, the boys complained to their dad but he brushed it off for fear of loosing his love, the girls also complained to their mum but she still shut them down. The girls grew up not knowing what to do yet they wanted to be happy with their stepbrothers.

Girls being quick in making ideas, they decided to start communicating to their stepbrothers through notes, which they threw under the door of the boys rooms. The boys were afraid at first but men being intelligent, they didn’t right back to avoid evidence, so they took action, they decided to sneak into the girls rooms at night and talk to them.

So they chatted the first day, the following day the girls also decided to sneak into the boys rooms and it became a secret routine. The boys graduated from high school and were sent abroad for further studies, they left all the notes they had received fro their step sisters on top of the beds in their rooms. The girls cried, but their mother was happy that finally they had not known the seed they had planted in the Garden of Eden.

Three months later the girls were suspended from school, what was wrong? They were pregnant. The mother was mad and bragged to the teachers how she had raised her girls with good moral values.

There was teachers/parents meeting to find out who had impregnated the girls.
when the girls were asked, the first one whispered...its Jeremy ( the elder step bro) as if to add salt to the wound the second one was asked she whispered....its Jesse (the younger step bro) their mother got a heart attack and died. She never had the opportunity to talk to the girls and give them advice.
Do you take the time God has given you as parent to guide your kids, what if you died now; will your kids be responsible enough to protect themselves morally?

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