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Thursday, August 13, 2009

16 Words

In the beginning of our relationships, we send cards describing our love and send flowers when we are sorry.
Over time, not only do we forget to give our partners small gifts of affection, but sometimes, we forget to say how we feel.
There are sixteen essential words that we must make an effort to say to our loved ones every day or whenever appropriate.
These words are:-

I love you
I am sorry
I understand
You are beautiful
I need you
Thank you

1 comment:

Lazarus Mbilinyi said...

Mama P,

Naamini sasa tumemalizana, sasa hakikisha hayo maneno hanawekwa moyoni na hayakai mbali na kinywa chako ingawa naamini itakuwa raha sana kwa Baba P kuyatamka over and over kuna raha yake kuhakikishiwa uliyenaye anakupenda na kukujali kila siku.

Ubarikiwe na Bwana!

Upendo daima